Wild Babies

As a volunteer powered charitable organization,

we do not have the means or resources for pick ups or field rescues.

We must rely on finders bringing animals in need of care to our facility.

Please do not bring animals to the centre without first confirming an intake time with a wildlife volunteer.

Not all babies who are found alone have been abandoned.

It is perfectly normal for the parents of wild animals to leave babies for varying periods of time while searching for food, looking for a new home, or evading predators.
Often the caregiver is close by and will return periodically to care for its babies. And, since wild parents always do a better job of raising their young than we can, unless the animal is obviously sick or injured, it’s best to try reuniting the baby with its family.
How can you tell if an animal is orphaned and needs your help?

That depends on the age, species and behaviour of the baby. Here is a quick overview of what’s normal for some of the most common Ontario wildlife you’ll encounter.

Baby Squirrels


Baby Rabbits


Baby Deer

Baby Raccoons

Baby Songbirds


Baby Waterfowl


Baby Owls & Birds of Prey


Can't Identify?