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Wild Babies

Baby Ground Squirrels

Safe Handling

Rodents have extremly sharp teeth and strong jaws, even at a young age. Always wear gloves and use a blanket or flat woven towel if necessary to handle.


Ground dwelling squirrels like chipmunks or groundhogs keep their babies safe in the den until they are fairly independent, so they shouldn’t be seen above ground before they are able to move freely and evade predators. If you find a slow moving or eyes closed baby chipmunk or groundhog alone, they are likely compromised and require assistance.

Make sure they are warm and dry, then place them in an open box or container with a source of warmth and a soft cloth (flat weave towel or fleece blanket) in a safe spot near where you found them, (make sure you have prior permission from the property owner). If mom is close by she may try to retrieve them, but if the den or nest has been destroyed, mom will not be able to relocate the family. Give her at least an hour but no more than three to return for her young. If she doesn’t return, follow our Wildlife Capture Guide and contact us for next steps.

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