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Wild Babies


Safe Handling


Bird nests and eggs may be abandoned for a multitude of reasons. Poor nest location or inclement weather, egg inviability, stress, or the loss of a partner are all reasons eggs may be found unattended. Nesting habits and behaviour vary greatly depending on species, take pictures of the eggs and nest and contact us for guidance on species and next steps.

Most birds fall under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. This act allows the Canadian Government to prohibit interference of any kind with the bird, its feathers, nests, or eggs. It is illegal to move, possess, or destroy nests and eggs of these birds.

Eggs should not be hatched artificially; without an adult from the species present, the newborn will not likely be able to identify with its own species.


For turtle eggs and nests please contact the Ontario Turtle Trauma Centre

Migratory Birds Convention Act

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