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Wild Babies

Ground Nesters

Safe Handling

Bird feathers are very delicate and the natural oils on humans hands can strip them of their weatherproofing. Avoid handling and wear gloves.


Nightjars such as Whip-poor-will and Nighthawk are nocturnal and nest on the ground without nesting material. Shorebirds such as the Piping Plover and Killdeer nest in conspicuous open areas and rely on camouflage to stay hidden from predators.

Some ground nesting birds (Killdeer do this commonly) have developed interesting behaviours to protect their young. When approached by predators the attending parent will run from the nest, dragging one wing along the ground to distract from the nest site. Before assuming it’s injured, back away and monitor from a distance to see if the bird pulls its wing back to a normal position.

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