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Wild Babies


Safe Handling

Bird feathers are very delicate and the natural oils on humans hands can strip them of their weatherproofing. Avoid handling and wear gloves.


Precocial species are born with their eyes open, with fluffy down covering their whole bodies, such as goslings and ducklings. They can walk and eat all on their own, but they still require the warmth and protection of their mother.

Canada geese are notoriously fantastic parents, and are often spotted with clutches of up to 80 or even 100 goslings of various ages and sizes. They will baby-sit for the colony as a group, and are fiercely protective of young, so placing orphans with families is generally successful and the best way to prevent habituation and imprinting young goslings. If you cannot immediately spot or locate a lone gosling’s family, follow our Wildlife Capture Guide and contact us for next steps.

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