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Tree Lined Path

Wildlife Coexistence

Practice Safe Distance

Most healthy wild animals will keep their distance from humans; they shouldn’t have a desire to get close to you or your family. That may change if the animals' proximity tolerance is increased after prolonged habituation to human contact. Sometimes, like when fed by people, an animal will become more comfortable being close to humans. It’s important to remember you may enjoy an up close encounter with a wild animal, however, your neighbours, children, or others may not share your interest or compassion. Most importantly, it is not benefitting that animal to give it the impression humans are not a threat. We are, in fact, the biggest threat to their survival.

Photography, trail cameras or binoculars can help you capture the beauty of your local ecosystems and the wildlife that flourishes within it. When walking in natural spaces or hiking on trails, stay on the path in order to avoid disturbing ground dwelling species, delicate flora or food sources.


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