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Wildlife Coexistence

Put Waste in its Place

Marine mammals, turtles, sea birds, and fish have all been widely documented eating plastic debris. They have no way of knowing that our waste is dangerous for them.

  • Plastic or latex (e.g., balloons) can be mistaken for food, which can block their digestive tract and cause them to starve.

  • Toxicological threats from ingestion include contaminants attached to and trapped within plastic particles.

  • Fishing line and hooks are often fatal when ingested or cause severe damage when they become wrapped around limbs and appendages.

  • Plastic bags can suffocate or entrap animals and birds preventing them from flying or fleeing.

  • Animals can get their heads stuck in jars, cups, packing materials or other kinds of containers that smell of food, causing them to suffocate or starve to death when they are unable to get free.


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