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Wildlife Coexistence

Turn Off the Lights

A clear and growing scientific consensus teaches us that artificial lights have a negative impact on migratory birds, and not just from window strikes. Many species use the moon for navigation, and light pollution from large cities can confuse them. Even small amounts of artificial light from residential areas has shown to alter migration behaviour. In large doses, light interference can interrupt photosensitive sex hormones and disrupt breeding and reproduction. Studies have shown that light pollution causes birds to begin nesting up to a month earlier than normal in open environments such as grasslands and wetlands, and 18 days earlier in forested environments. The consequence could be a mismatch in timing - hungry chicks may hatch before their food is available. During migration seasons (spring and fall) it is recommended we turn off lights as much as possible. Bird Friendly Peterborough has lots more information on how we can keep birds safe.


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