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Please be advised that the Kawartha Wildlife Centre rehabilitation facility is currently without an Authorized Wildlife Custodian, and cannot legally accept wildlife for rehabilitative care.  The center is closed immediately and for the foreseeable future while recruitment occurs.  

The closest authorized custodians to the Peterborough area equipped
to help are: 

Shades of Hope (Pefferlaw) 705-437-4654
Soper Creek (Bowmanville) 905-442-1648
Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary (Minden) 705-286-1133


KWC is NOT authorized to accept or rehabilitate Rabies Vector Species

For assistance with a Raccoon, Skunk, Fox or Bat, please contact the closest wildlife centre to you, authorized to accept RVS

As a volunteer powered charitable organization, we do not have the means or resources for pick ups or field rescues. We must rely on finders bringing animals in need of care to our facility.

Please do not bring animals to the centre without first confirming an intake time with a wildlife volunteer.
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