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Wildlife Rescue Tub & Kit
  • Wildlife Rescue Tub & Kit

    Now available for pre-order! Order now and pickup your tub at the centre in January. 

    Our wildlife rescue tubs come fully equipped with everything you may need to capture and safely transport injured animals to the KWC. Inside the tub used to transport the animals there is a towel, gloves, and a guide to safe wildlife capture. This is the perfect item to keep in your trunk in case of a wildlife emergency. 

    ✓Black container minimizes light and stimulation for the wildlife in distress.

    ✓Bright yellow lid is visible in poor lighting situations like nighttime roadsides.

    ✓Secure lids are tested tough, keeping wildlife and rescuers safe.

    There are 4 sizes: small, regular, tall, and extra large. 

    Small tubs are 15L and are ideal for orphaned wildlife and bird rescues. These come with a hot pack and fleece instead of a towel.

    Regular tubs are 72L are suitable for most species of wildlife commonly encountered in urban settings.

    Tall tubs are 102L and are best suited for certain species like young fawns, porcupines, and foxes.

    Extra large tubs are 189L and have enough space for safely transporting large species like swans, snapping turtles, adult beavers, and coyotes.

    *Pickup at centre only, no shipping available*.

      PriceFrom C$25.00
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