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The Case Against Fireworks

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

If you chose to celebrate holiday's, please understand that fireworks cause great harm to your local ecosystems and neighbours.

Please help us #KeepKawarthaWild and avoid using fireworks.

The Research

Here are some of the many studies and articles that outline how fireworks can disturb local ecosystems, wildlife and people:

- Protecting Ontario’s Lakes From Fireworks

- How fireworks are bad for the environment

- Birds flee en mass from New Year’s Eve fireworks

- Toxicity of particles emitted by fireworks

- Environmental impacts of perchlorate with special reference to fireworks—a review

- Effects of Fireworks on Birds -A critical Overview

- Blinded by the Light

Our Experience at the Wildlife Centre Around "Firework Holidays"

As Authorized Wildlife Custodians we, along with most rehabbers, experience an increased demand for help and assistance after every holiday where fireworks are typically used. Spring and summer are when most of these holidays fall, but this is the time when almost every wild animal is starting or tending to their families. Multiple times a year we see nest disturbances due to noise, orphaned young that get disoriented, frightened and separated from their parents, and injured wildlife that have consumed or been shot by fireworks.

Alternatives to Fireworks

The simplest way to avoid the hazardous environmental effects of fireworks is to avoid them altogether. Below are some of our favourite eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fireworks from

1. Head to a laser show

Foregoing fireworks doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sparkling lights. Find a laser show to attend near you instead! Because laser lights can be used many times (whereas, fireworks can only be used once), laser shows are still an Earth-friendly option, even though electricity is expended during the show.

2. Project your own fireworks light show

If you’re not comfortable attending a laser show, as you’re concerned about maintaining safe social distance from other attendees, you can purchase an affordable projector on Amazon to project your own fireworks on the ceiling.

3. Safely light a campfire

Sure, fireworks certainly add ambiance to a warm July night, but you can get a similar effect with a campfire. If you’re hosting a BBQ, build a small fire in your backyard if you can do so safely. You can also create your own firepit—you can follow The Home Depot’s guide to get started.

4. Keep the kids entertained with eco-friendly glowsticks

Waving glow sticks around in different shapes can be just as pretty and entertaining as fireworks and they keep you away from all the chemicals caused by an explosion. You can buy a pack of 15 Cyalume SnapLight Eco-Friendly Light Sticks from Amazon.

5. Create a firecracker piñata

If you’re into arts and crafts or have kids who are, making your own firecracker piñata using just a few items, including recycled cardboard and recyclable tissue paper, is a great option.

6. Upcycle an old mason jar into fireworks in a jar

This is another fun project to tackle with the kids. It’s also a great opportunity to speak to them not only how about fireworks impact the environment, but how each and every one of our actions do as well. Plus, you more than likely have everything you already need in your kitchen pantry to create these fun fireworks in a jar: oil, water, and food coloring! has a great tutorial you can follow.


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