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Please be advised that the Kawartha Wildlife Centre rehabilitation facility is currently without an Authorized Wildlife Custodian, and cannot legally accept wildlife for rehabilitative care.  The center is closed immediately and for the foreseeable future while recruitment occurs.  

The closest authorized custodians to the Peterborough area equipped
to help are: 

Shades of Hope (Pefferlaw)  705-437-4654
Soper Creek (Bowmanville)  905-442-1648
Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary (Minden) 705-286-1133

How We Can Help
We are permitted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to accept and rehabilitate most small mammals and birds.
How to Contact Us
We rely on digital communication as we do not have full time staffing resources to monitor and respond to the volume of phone calls we receive.

We do not have posted hours of operation as we do not have the capacity for walk-ins.
Not Currently Available
Fostering Coexistence through Education
Our mission is to improve human-wildlife coexistence, in order to mitigate conflict and hopefully reduce the volume of wildlife in need of human intervention as a result.

We are dedicated to providing educational resources and guidance through our website, and direct community outreach.
How YOU Can Help!
As a volunteer run organization we rely solely on the support of our community in order to provide this service for wildlife in need.

There is no government funding for wildlife rehabilitation in Ontario.

Supporting & Partner Organizations

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