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Getting in Touch

We rely on digital communication as we do not have full time staffing resources to monitor and respond to the volume of phone calls we receive.

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Wildlife Emergency?

Written communication helps us gather crucial information and details in order to provide situationally specific recommendations. It also provides more detailed guidance to the public that can be referred to or shared for future use.


Please send us a message for the quickest response!

Visit Us

We do not have posted hours of operation as we do not have the capacity for walk-ins.

The wild animals in our care are compromised and being rehabilitated, with the goal of release back to their wild homes. We do not provide tours of our patients or the spaces they occupy to the public.

In an effort to provide more experience with wildlife to experts in animal medicine, we invite Veterinarians and clinic staff to join us at our centre for a tour and orientation.


We want to ensure our professional partners have a transparent view of our practices, while providing opportunities to learn more about helping wildlife in critical need.

Request an Orientation Visit

Thanks for your interest!

Educational Presentation Requests

We are dedicated to providing educational resources and guidance through our website, and direct community outreach.

We are located at 470 Robinson Road, Ennismore Ontario
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