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Code of Conduct

In the interest of the volunteers and the public served by Kawartha Wildlife Centre, each volunteer and member of Kawartha Wildlife Centre will commit to observing the following code of conduct:
  • Treat everyone fairly within the context of their activity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status.
  • Agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner consistent with the position as a positive role model, and as a representative of Kawartha Wildlife Centre.
  • Respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the Kawartha Wildlife Centre.
  • Consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image of Kawartha Wildlife Centre.
  • Ideas, constructive comments, suggestions, and criticisms will be directed to the Executive Director or the Board of Directors and documented in writing.
  • Refrain from public statements to the media and social media expressly or impliedly, on behalf of Kawartha Wildlife Centre without prior approval from the Board of Directors.
  • Refrain from public criticism of Board members, staff, other volunteers and/or members of the public.
  • Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive language while representing or volunteering at or for Kawartha Wildlife Centre.
  • Respect the dignity of others. Verbal or physical behaviours that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.
  • Regularly seek ways of increasing professional development and self-awareness.
  • Refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol while on duty at the facility.
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