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Board of Directors
Recruitment Prospectus 2022

The Kawartha Wildlife Centre is currently seeking to expand its Board of Directors and invites interested applicants to review the following information for an overview of Centre operations and available roles. New board members will be essential to the continued success of the Centre as it strives to meet the growing needs of our community, helping to guide the Kawartha Wildlife Centre into the future!

About the Kawartha Wildlife Centre

Kawartha Wildlife Centre, founded in 2017, is a volunteer-run, charitable wildlife rehabilitation organization located in the heart of the Kawarthas. Our mission is to rehabilitate and release sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife and to provide education throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas on ways we can support wildlife species through conservation, awareness, and co-existence.


We are a community hub for like-minded people who care for and want to improve the lives of wildlife in our community. As a charitable organization, we encourage everyone to get involved with creating coexistence and reducing conflict between humans and wildlife.

There is no government funding for wildlife rehabilitation in the province of Ontario, so all of our bills, treatment, medication, and foodstuffs are paid for by donations received from the public and our community!


Kawartha Wildlife Centre is located in a commercial plaza at 470 Robinson Road in Ennismore, Ontario. Our rented facility contains triage, quarantine, and animal care rooms, food preparatory space, a wet room (cleaning), and an adjacent but separate suite where we host education and fundraising events, including our annual WildlifeHERO summer camp.

What we do!

In line with our mission, our organization undertakes two primary initiatives: (1) the rehabilitation of wildlife for release; and (2) public education intended to build healthy relationships between people and wildlife.


Since the organization began caring for wildlife patients in 2019, we have cared for almost 2,000 wildlife patients under authorization from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. In this time, our annual number of patients has increased by 349%, from 192 patients in 2019, 542 in 2020, 670 in 2021; with every indication that this trend will continue in subsequent years.


Our educational efforts focus on wildlife identification, coexistence strategies, myth-busting, conservation, and habitat protection. Our public education initiatives include immersive camp experiences, classroom visits, community events, outreach, workshops, and public presentations. Our cumulative community reach includes over 5,000 residents of the City of Peterborough, Peterborough County, and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

About the Board of Directors

As a relatively new organization (founded in 2017), the Board of Directors functions as a working and directive board, where Directors are expected to attend and participate in board meetings, to serve on one or more board committees, and to take responsibility for specific tasks.


The current Board is composed the Executive Committee (Chair, Secretariat, and Treasurer) which determines objectives, ensures financial and ethical accountability, performs strategic planning, oversees regulatory compliance for wildlife care and regulates program priorities.

Our small Board is looking for help!

The needs for our services are growing faster than we can support and we desperately need to grow to meet our community needs. We are looking for passionate, dedicated members of the community to help guide Kawartha Wildlife Centre in our next chapter!

Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

The primary role of the Board is to provide direction and oversight to the operations of Kawartha Wildlife Centre in alignment with our mission and strategic goals. It is important that Board Director candidates understand the responsibilities of being a Board member and have the necessary experience to contribute to board decision-making and oversight.

1. Governance

  • Provide leadership in the ongoing development of the Kawartha Wildlife Centre strategic plan.

  • Develop and implement policies, plans and priorities.

  • Provide governance to Kawartha Wildlife Centre and its activities.

  • Be accountable to the government regulators, supporters, members and the community at

    large for legal compliance, ethical behaviour and stewardship.

  • Build relationships that are of mutual benefit to Kawartha Wildlife Centre, its members, and

    other organizations with shared values and similar directions.

2. Oversight:

  • Approves and monitors a balanced budget.

  • Develops a strategy for the financial sustainability of the organization.

  • Provides contacts that will further the organization’s mission, among our personal and

    business and institutional connections, including attending networking/learning events.

3. Exercising Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Exercises prudence and sound fiscal practice in the control of funds.

  • Reviews financial statements; helps the board fulfill fiduciary responsibilities by

    maintaining a stable and forward-looking organization.

  • Abides by all relevant laws and regulations, Kawartha Wildlife Centre mission, bylaws, and policies.


  • Attends monthly Board meetings held via video conference. Consistent stable and adequate internet access and bandwidth are necessary to effectively participate in board meetings.

  • Engage in board and committee discussions; ask questions; make motions and decisions consistent with personal conscience, convictions, and ethics; support majority decisions once issues are decided by the board.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the board’s executive sessions; speaks for the board or Kawartha Wildlife Centre.

  • Suggests agenda items for board and committee meetings; ensures that significant policy matters are addressed.

  • Prepares by reviewing materials in advance of the board meetings, following working agreements, standard works and code of conduct in board meetings.

How to apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing which position(s) you are applying for to

The selection committee will review all applications at the close of the deadline and contact successful candidates by email to schedule an interview.

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