Kawartha Wildlife Centre Membership Agreement


1. Our Mission

​ To establish a full-service rehabilitation centre for wildlife in Peterborough

and the Kawarthas and educate our community on how to care responsibly

for wildlife.


2.  Our Vision

To care for orphaned and injured Ontario wildlife and rehabilitate them

back into their natural habitats.

3.0    Purpose and Objectives

3.1  To educate the public on wildlife coexistence through presentations, workshops, outreach activities, and media articles.

3.2    To increase the care available for wildlife in areas of Peterborough and the Kawarthas by creating a network of volunteer drivers and foster homes in the area to provide interim care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife being taken to existing wildlife rehabilitation centres.

3.3    To work toward the establishment of a full-service wildlife rehabilitation centre to serve the areas of Peterborough and the Kawarthas.


4.  Membership at Kawartha Wildlife Centre

Membership at the Kawartha Wildlife Centre is open to individuals and organizations that support the purpose and objectives of the Kawartha Wildlife Centre and meet the requirements of Article 4 of the Kawartha Wildlife Centre bylaws and the Kawartha Wildlife Centre Membership Agreement


5. Membership Application process

  1. Individuals (Class A) or corporations (Class B) interested in membership may submit an application online through the Kawartha Wildlife Centre website.

  2. After fee payment and acknowledgement of the Membership Agreement, membership is active.

  3. Kawartha Wildlife Centre will notify the members


6. Governance

  • Class A (Individual) Kawartha Wildlife Centre members are eligible to cast one vote in the election for the Board of Directors, which is held at the Kawartha Wildlife Centre Annual Meeting, and to nominate candidates if there is an interim vacancy of one of the Board of Directors. Members may also cast one vote for or against any changes to the Bylaws brought before the membership at the annual meeting.

  • Class B (corporation) members do not have any votes at the Annual General Meeting, nor to employees of Kawartha Wildlife Centre.


7. Annual Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting is held every year within 120 days of the end of the fiscal year (March 31), at which members learn about the progress of Kawartha Wildlife Centre, discuss its future direction,  and vote on items brought forth by the Board of Directors. The annual general membership meeting also provides a forum for sharing knowledge among our diverse stakeholders. Participation in the annual meeting is a vital part of contributing to Kawartha Wildlife Centre’s governance, and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting.


8. Benefits

In addition to being invited to attend the annual meeting, elect the Board of Directors (if applicable), and have a voice in the organization, Kawartha Wildlife Centre will provide all its members with unique and varied opportunities to assist the organization in its activities including fundraising opportunities, workshops, and other events as sponsored or created by Kawartha Wildlife Centre.


9.  Membership Duration

The term of membership is for one year expiring on March 31th of the following year.


10. Dues

Based on the information submitted in your application, the annual dues for each individual member are 50$ per fiscal year ending March 31.


11.0  Termination of Membership

11.1 Kawartha Wildlife Centre may terminate the Member’s membership if the Member breaches this Agreement or violates the mission, vision or purpose and objectives of Kawartha Centre; or

11.2 acts in any way is offensive to or endangers the well being of Kawartha Wildlife Centre members, the animals under its care, or the reputation of the organization; or

11.3 violates the Volunteer Code of Conduct; or

11.4 members may terminate their membership at any time during the membership duration.  Refunds are not provided for membership fees.




By purchasing a membership, I agree to the terms as described by the Kawartha Wildlife Centre Membership Agreement

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