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About Us

The Kawartha Wildlife Centre is a wildlife rehabilitation facility located in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to provide care and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned wildlife, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild. We also aim to educate the public about wildlife and conservation issues. The centre is operated by trained volunteers and functions through donations and fundraising efforts.

Core Values

Quality of Care

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of care possible for our patients. We strive to utilize all the resources available to us and by working with other rehabbers and educating the community. Our quality of care is constantly evaluated for improvement.


Education is important to improving the quality of care we can provide to our patients, and for improving our ability to coexist with native species. We continue to expand and improve the opportunities we can provide to educate KWC members and the community.


There are many steps to be taken to improve our coexistence with native and wild species and reduce anthropogenic pressures on local ecosystems. We work towards this by educating KWC members and the community, and challenging ourselves and our peers to learn, grow and improve.

Ethical Standard

Kawartha Wildlife Centre has an established Code of Ethics that meets or exceeds the IWRC Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, (Fourth Edition, 2012) which ensures our patients are fairly and equally cared for.

Equal and Fair

We are committed to implementing a Code of Conduct established by the KWC Board with input from KWC members. This Code of Conduct ensures equal and fair treatment of our patients, KWC members, and the community in the pursuit of our goals.

Health and Safety

It is important to maintain the health and safety of our patients and KWC members by having established protocols that are reviewed yearly. Additionally we continue to improve the health and safety of the community and local ecosystems by increasing opportunities for education on coexistence.

Challenge and Grow

Change and evolution are a fundamental part of nature. We recognize the value of challenging ourselves and committing to continuous improvement to benefit our patients, our local ecosystems, KWC members, and the communities we serve.
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